12 amazing reasons why moringa is good for your health

Have you heard of moringa? According to WebMD, moringa is a nutrient- and antioxidant-rich plant from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan. For centuries, it has been used in these regions to treat a wide range of diseases from epilepsy to diabetes. Today, researchers are working to figure out how to best use the plant in modern medicine. The investigation is on-going. But why not get a head start? Here are 12 amazing reasons why moringa is good for your health:
1. Energy booster. The energy provided by moringa is not the chaotic excitement of caffeine, but rather a soothing, clarifying vigor, says Pure Healing Foods.
2. Headache soother. Pure Healing Foods recommends rubbing moringa leaves directly on the temples to soothe the most blistering of headaches.
3. Manage diabetes. According to Pure Healing Foods, ingesting the juice from moringa leaves can help control blood glucose levels.
4. Diuretic. If you are in need of a diuretic, Pure Healing Foodsrecommends drinking moringa mixed with carrot juice.
5. Prevent cancer. Medicine hunter Chris Kilham tells Fox News that moringa contains a compound known as niaziminin that is both anti-tumor and anti-cancer. The leaf has so much promise in the realm of cancer, it is being researched for use in chemotherapy.
6. Liver cleanse. Fox News further reports the leaf could be used in bitters formulas because it helps cleanse the liver.
7. Fight obesity. Moringa has properties that could help in the fight against obesity and the complications that come with being overweight. These include reducing high blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, and eliminating water weight, says Fox News.
8. Manage depression. Style Craze reports moringa leaf powder has been used to treat depression symptoms. It is most effective when used regularly and results can be felt after just a few days of use.
9. Support new mothers. Moringa has a high concentration of iron and calcium. This makes it a wonderful nutrient supplement for pregnant and breast-feeding mothers, says Style Craze.
10. Heal wounds. Apply moringa powder directly to minor cuts and wounds to promote healing and prevent scars, says Style Craze.
11. Prevent aging. The antioxidants and vitamins in moringa can fight the effects of aging, says Style Craze. These include unwanted lines and wrinkles.
12. Stimulate hair growth. Anyone with thinning hair will be happy to know the vitamin A, silica and zinc in moringa is thought to stimulate the growth of thick, healthy hair.
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