3 ways to preserve fresh herbs

Using fresh herbs in your cooking will take your meals to the next level. Not only do they add flavor and freshness, there are many health benefits to fresh herbs as well. Some herbs are packed with essential vitamins and antioxidants. These leafy greens have proven to be more than just a garnish!
The problem is, fresh cut herbs are highly perishable. Whether you buy herbs at the store, or grow them yourself in a garden; keeping them from wilting and spoiling in your fridge can be tricky. Check out these 5 tips for preserving herbs and making them convenient to use in your next dinner recipe.
1. Preserve fresh basil in a jar
Try storing your fresh basil (for up to one year!) with this tip from Redhead Can Decorate:
1. Take an empty jar of your choosing and layer the bottom with salt.
2. Repeat this process until the jar is full — Put fresh basil in cold water with a bit of olive oil. Add some salt too.
3. Cover it up and put it in the fridge.
2. Freeze fresh chives
Fresh chives are one of the most versatile herbs to use when cooking or for sprinkling over finished dishes. Om Nom Ally shares this simple method for freezing them. Chop up chives and lay them down on a baking sheet. Next, freeze for 1-2 hours. Finally, move them into a sealed container in order to “deep freeze” them. Foolproof right?
3. Freeze herbs and oil in ice cube trays
Freeze herbs and oil in ice trays, and then pop out a cube when you’re ready to cook! Brilliant right? The Kitchn explains how to make your own oil herb cubes.
1. Cut up fresh herbs to any length of your choosing. You may leave some leaves if you wish!
2. Load up the chopped herbs in an ice cube tray and pour extra-virgin oil oil (or melted butter) on top.
3. Use saran wrap to cover and freeze overnight.
4. Finished frozen cubs can be stored in ziplock bags for future use.

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