35 Lifehacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

Make your life easier with these incredible lifehacks

Have you ever had a moment where you found out how to actually do something, as opposed to how you had been doing it for your entire life? Or have you ever found a lifehack that made something that much easier or quicker? It’s a wonderful feeling, which teaches you that there are always smarter ways to go about doing something.

Below we hope to surprise you and enrich your life with a ton of lifehacks that will most definitely surprise you. You will find out how to squeeze a lemon with no effort at all and how to make sure you never forget to lock your door.

Spill-proof and wasp-proof your drink!

There is nothing like a nice, cold, refreshing drink during a hot summer day. Unfortunately, wasps and bees agree with you. Keep them out of your drink by wrapping some cellophane around it and poking a straw through the top. This also makes it spill-proof, which is useful for when there are small children around.

Use an eraser to clean your smartphone screen

A smartphone screen can look really dirty. After all, your fingers move over it all day long, leaving smudges and marks. Here’s a lifehack on how to get rid of them easily and make your screen look as fresh and new as it did when you first bought it. Simply use an eraser to “erase” the fingerprints and smudges! Works like a charm.

Clean burnt food from pots and pans the easy way: with egg shells!

Left your pan alone for too long and now there’s grime and burnt food caked on the bottom of it? Sometimes it’s so bad that you can scrub all day long and not put a dent in it. Here’s a tip: crush up some eggshells and add it to the pan. Mix ground egg shells with a little soapy water for a really tough and abrasive cleaner for those hard to clean pots and pans.

Quickly peel an apple using a drill

Okay we’ll admit, this might be one of the messiest way to peel an apple. But it is very fast. Stick it on the end of a drill and hold a peeler in your other hand. Turn on the drill and you’ll have it peeled in no time at all. You will probably have to spend some time collecting the peel, however…

Use a straw to take the top off a strawberry

Do you struggle taking the top off a strawberry? What is supposed to be an easy task can quickly turn frustrating. A leaf not cooperating, accidentally taking half of the strawberry with it… Surely there’s an easier way. Luckily there is! Simply take a straw and push it through the bottom of the strawberry and you’ll take the entire (tasteless) center out, including the top. An added bonus: You can now fill that strawberry with chocolate sauce if you’d be so inclined.

Tie a knot in your earphones to tell them apart

You can make your life a lot easier by tying a small knot in the cable of one of your earphones. This way you can always tell them apart, even without having to look for the tiny R or L on the earphones. Never again will you accidentally place the wrong one in the wrong ear.

Use an empty bottle as an automatic watering system

Have a leftover bottle laying around? Fill it with water, turn it upside down and stick it in the soil of a houseplant. Your plant will only use the water it needs, so by using this method you’ll make sure your plants’ soil is always saturated perfectly. Another advantage is that you don’t have to worry about when you need to water them again! Just refill the bottle when it’s empty!

Draw mold stains on a ziploc bag to keep people from taking your lunch

Do you work at an office where people simply take eachothers lunch? It’s more common than you might think. This person found a great solution for this problem. Simply decorate the bag in which you take your lunch with gross-looking moldy stains. Your colleagues will be sure to keep their hands off!

Using banana peels as fertilizer

Everyone knows that a good fertilizer can make your plants grow strong, healthy and beautiful. Very few people know banana peels are an excellent alternative for this. Bananas are rich in potassium, which helps plants move nutrients and also contributes to the formation of flowers and fruits. So instead of throwing away banana peels, cut them into small pieces and bury them near your plants.

Use empty toilet rolls to organize your cable box

Most households have a cable box. That one box that is stuffed to the brim with “might-need-this-later” cables. But when you actually need one of them and take it out, it’s probably tied and knotted to about six other cables. Talk about a hassle. Next time you run out of toilet paper, use the leftover roll to organize your cable box!

Beach theft protection

When you go to the beach, you don’t want to have your day ruined by a thief. But how do you make sure they don’t steal your stuff while you’re enjoying the ocean? It’s quite simple. You take an empty sun lotion bottle, clean it out and then fill it with your valuables. Potential thieves wont know where to look for them.

Use a pair of socks on a cold toilet seat

Oof, winter times can be tough. Especially when you need to go to the toilet. Sure, you can manage, but there’s a few seconds of teethgrinding chilliness when you sit down. There’s an easy way to prevent this. Just slip a pair of nice, thick, warm socks on the seat!

Use Doritos as kindling

Forgot to take kindling with you on your camping trip? Open up a bag of Doritos and use it instead. It burns like nothing else. It’s a super easy way to get a fire started, when you forgot to bring your kindling (and when the twigs and sticks in the woods are too wet from recent rainfall)

Use frozen grapes instead of ice cubes so you don’t water your drink down

Ice cubes are a good way to chill your drink, especially during summertime. But unfortunately, they melt. This lifehack will change your life. You can chill down your drink without watering it down by using frozen grapes. Thank us later!

Re-use a used toilet paper roll on gift wrapping paper

One thing that makes working with gift wrapping paper really annoying is the fact that it keeps unrolling. You can easily solve this problem by cutting a used toilet roll open and then clamping it around the roll of gift wrapping paper. This super easy lifehack can save you a lot of frustration!

Use a walnut to make your wooden furniture look brand new!

Does your wooden furniture look a bit worn? Have years of (mis)use left its mark on the legs of your chair, tables and other furniture? Simply grab a walnut and rub it over the dents, scratches and marks. Your furniture will look brand new again! It’s a lot cheaper than getting it repaired by an expert, that’s for sure.

Do something weird before locking your door so you will remember that you did!

You’re completely sure you locked the door behind you. Right? Yeah, you obviously did. Or did you?

These questions can lead to a lot of stress and second-guessing yourself. We’ve found a way to make sure you never have to worry about it again. Simply do something weird, random and memorable before locking the door. Do a pushup, twirl around, whatever you want to do. Then when you wonder if you’ve locked your door, you’ll think back on that act you did before it and you will know that you did indeed lock it. …Right?

Take a picture of your fridge so you’ll know what to buy

Sometimes when you’re out grocery shopping, you’ll just black out and not remember what it is you wanted to buy. Or you’ll lose your shopping list and have to improvise. You can easily solve this issue by taking a picture of your fridge, so you can look back at it and see just what is missing from it.

Lose your charger? Most monitors/TV’s have a USB slot you can use

Oh no, your phone’s at 1% and you can’t find your charger! But you’re expecting an important phone call! No need to worry. You probably have a USB cable lying around. Simply insert it into the USB slot of your monitor or your TV and it will charge your phone just as well as a regular charger would.

Use spaghetti to light hard-to-light candles

Candles can really make or break the mood. They’re great for relaxing, romantic evenings, but they can also work on your nerves pretty bad. You’ve probably been in a situation where you had to risk burning your fingers just to be able to light the wick on a hard-to-light candle. Here’s a simple trick: light a piece of spaghetti and use it to light the candle.

Tie a panty-hose around your vacuum cleaner to find lost earrings

Oops! Dropped your earrings, ring or other small jewelry? Lost it underneath the couch pillows? Unable to find it? Here’s an easy way to solve your problems. Tie a pantyhose around your vacuum cleaner and vacuum the floor. Your lost jewelry will stick to it and you’ll find it in no time at all!

Use the tab on a can to hold your straw in place

Have you ever tried to use a straw to drink out of a can? The carbonation causes the straw to drift straight out, when you stop holding it with your hand. There’s a very simple solution for this: simply stick the straw through the hole in the tab on top of the can. It’ll fit nice and snug and keep the straw in place!

Use a bread clip to always find the edge on a roll of tape

Finding the edge on a roll of tape can be a real hassle, especially with transparant tape. You can avoid ever having to look for it again by placing a bread clip under the edge. You’ll find the edge in no time at all and save yourself a lot of time and effort. This lifehack has the potential to change your life!

Use an accented letter in your password and nobody will ever guess it!

When people find your phone and try to guess your password, they will probably never think you wrote “Banana” as “Bañana”. With this one simple trick, you can make your password a lot harder to guess, while still being able to remember it. Take a look at your own passwords and see if you can improve them!

Reheating your food in the microwave? Leave a hole in the middle.

How many times have you reheated your leftovers in the microwave, only to have it come out piping hot in the middle, while still cold on the sides? Or the other way around? That’s because you didn’t know about this lifehack. Leave some space in the middle, creating a donut shape on your plate. Your food will heat evenly.

Cool your drinks by wrapping them in a wet paper towel

This one is a lifesaver. Did your guests arrive a lot earlier than expected? Are the drinks not cold yet? Simply take a wet paper towel, wrap it around the bottle and put the bottle in the freezer. It’ll cool down in no time at all. You will need to make sure you take it out in time, because eventually the drink will freeze, expand and break its container.

Use a clothespin to hold your nail in place

It’s a classic cartoon trope: the main character wants to hammer a nail into their wall, but they miss their nail and end up with a big red thumb. They would’ve saved themselves a world of pain if they had only used a clothespin to hold the nail in place, as opposed to their delicate fingers. Use this lifehack to your advantage, the next time you need to hammer a nail!

Cat using your laptop as its bed? Get them a box!

Cats and boxes, it’s like peanut butter and jelly. Like ice cream and chocolate sauce. The two can’t go without eachother. So when you’re working from home and your cat keeps using your laptop or keyboard as its bed, why not get them a box? Any box will do. For example, you can use the lid of a board game box and put it upside down. Your cat will thank you!

Use a wooden spoon to keep your pasta water from boiling over

Sometimes you’re so busy that you can’t keep an eye on your pasta, rice or potato water. You have to do this, that and that before you can check on your pot again. But how do you make sure the water doesn’t boil over in the meantime? The solution is very simple! Simply place a wooden spoon over the pan and your water won’t boil over.

Use a straw to keep your yoghurt fresh

Sometimes you just don’t want to eat an entire container of yoghurt. But the flimsy lids on them just wont stay closed, so how do you keep it fresh? Here’s a lifehack to solve this problem. Cut a piece of a straw and cut it open. Then place it around the rim of the container, keeping the lid in place!

Mark your suitcase with a ribbon

Do you spend hours trying to find your suitcase at the airport, after you just landed? Make your life a lot easier by tying a colored ribbon to the handle of your suitcase. You’ll be able to spot it from a mile away! Saves you a lot of time and frustration.

Start scribbling instead of streaking

Sometimes you have to scratch something out, to make sure nobody else reads it. Private notes, important letters, your diary… A lot of people take a pen and just streak through the word. However, it takes a lot of effort for you to put enough streaks in there to make whatever’s underneath illegible. Instead, try writing random words on top of the words you’re trying to hide. There’s no way they’ll figure out what it says!

Use a rubber band to keep your door from latching (and trapping you outside)

This one is an easy one. We all know the feeling of anxiety we get when we’re afraid our door is going to lock us outside by accident. There’s an easy trick to keep this from happening: Simply tie a rubber band around the knobs on either side and make sure the rubber band crosses in front of the latch. You’ll never be locked outside again!

Tennis ball buddy

They say a dog is man’s best friend, but what about a tennis ball? Take a look at the picture above and see how multifunctional one of those little green balls is. You just stick one on your wall, slice it open and use it to hold whatever it is that needs holding. It comes with the added benefit of looking like a cute smiley face.

Quickly and efficiently pit a cherry using a safety pin

Here’s a quick way to pit a cherry. Use a safety pin to pull the pit out of the juicy red fruit. Its size is perfect for the job and will leave you with clean fingers! It’s the perfect way to prepare it for children, for example. You wouldn’t want them to eat cherries with the pit still in them.

Easily squeeze a lemon using BBQ tongs

Here’s a quick way to squeeze lemons so you can make the best lemonade in town. Simply place it between BBQ tongs and squeeze as hard as you can. The juice will come flowing out! No need to get your hands dirty, sticky and sour anymore. Plus, it’s a lot quicker too.

Source: www.tips-and-tricks.co