7 hacks that prove hangers aren’t just for clothes

Hangers are found in every home. Plastic, wood, and wire – they come in all shapes and sizes. You immediately associate hanging clothes on your hangers, but there are many more creative uses for hangers around the home.
Raid your closet or purchase a pack or two of inexpensive hangers to try out these 7 hanger hacks. You’ll find yourself looking for even more ways to use this cheap and handy household item.
1. Hang your magazines (h/t One Good Thing) 
Slip your magazine over a spare hanger and hang it up for later. This creative hack allows you to save your place and keep your magazine out of the way. Especially useful in your bathroom, you can tuck this magazine holder into a closet or hang it on a towel rack.

2. Keep paper towels handy (h/t DIY & Crafts)
A hanging paper towel holder can be extremely convenient when at a camp out, birthday party, or barbecue. A cheap plastic hanger is flexible enough that all you need to do is simply snip the center of the bottom and stretch it to place the paper towel roll. Hang it wherever you need it.

3. Organize extension cords (h/t The Krazy Coupon Lady) 
Extension cords take up a lot of room in a junk drawer. Hang them up and get them out of the way. These plastic pant hangers come free with many clothing purchases. Wrap the cord around the hanger and secure each end in a clip.

4. Keep Christmas lights tangle free (h/t Today)
Christmas lights can quickly become a tangled mess. Keep them neatly contained and damage free by wrapping them around hangers. You can then easily stack them in a storage tote for easy Christmas storage.

5. Clear your kitchen counter (h/t Good Housekeeping)
Getting your cookbook up off your kitchen counter protects it from accidental spills. Take advantage of your cabinet door knobs and hang it up. A free plastic pant hanger is perfect as a homemade cookbook holder. The heavier the book, the strong the clips you should choose.

6. Unclog a toilet (h/t Bob Vila) 
Stubborn clogs often require a snake for removal. If you don’t have a plumbing snake, you can still remove the clog. Grab a wire hanger and straighten it. Add a small hook to the end and cover it with a small piece of cloth. Insert it into the toilet with a gentle twisting. Then easily pull the clog out.

7. Clip your bags (h/t All Created)
Chip clips prevent bags from spilling open in your pantry. You can use them on pasta, cereal, rice and baking mixes – they aren’t only for chips. Create your own free chip clips by snapping the clip ends off of plastic pant hangers. These free hangers are rarely used once you get home, but the clips can be repurposed in many ways.


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