7+ things you should start consuming if you suffer from headaches and low energy

Slogging through a day can be really hard if you haven’t slept well or just feel tired; but add a pounding headache to it, and the day just becomes impossible. Suffering through headaches and fatigue often becomes a way of life simply because people don’t know how to combat it.
Fortunately, there are a number of foods you can take in to help boost your energy and curb your headaches. Check out these 7+ energy boosting and headache battling foods.
1. Caffeine. Probably the most well-known source of energy is caffeine, but Harvard Medical School says that it plays a dual purpose in helping with that nagging headache as well. Be sure to use common sense when consuming your caffeine, making sure not to drink it too late in the evening so that it keeps you up all night.
2. Edamame. According to Woman’s Day, edamame is a great source of energy. It is high in protein and phytoestrogens. To eat, simply boil them and sprinkle some sea salt on them.
3. Bananas. Healthline reports that bananas are a high-energy food. They contain carbohydrates, potassium and vitamin B6. Eat them plain; spread some peanut butter on them; or make a peanut butter, honey and banana sandwich.
4. Peanut butter. If you need a quick pick-me-up, everyday healthrecommends trying some peanut butter. It’s full of good fat, protein and fiber. Consuming peanut butter helps stabilize your blood sugar as well, keeping energy consistent throughout the day. You can eat it by the spoonful or spread it on a piece of toast.
5. Milk. According to Good Housekeeping, not getting enough dairy in your diet can contribute to migraines. Low-fat milk is high in calcium and potassium and helps keep you hydrated. Try adding a glass of milk daily and see what happens.
6. Spinach. Headaches can be caused by not having enough magnesium in your diet. Today states that spinach is a good source of magnesium. You can eat it raw in a salad, add it to smoothies or cook it and add some seasoned rice vinegar.
7. Complex carbohydrates. If doing a low-carb diet is how you’re trying to lose weight, Woman’s Day states that the lack of carbohydrates may be the cause of your headaches. Try eating some healthy, complex carbs. Whole-grain breads, oatmeal, fruit and yogurt are some good choices.
8. Cantaloupe. Another good source of magnesium, according to Good Housekeeping, is cantaloupe. One melon contains 66 mg of magnesium. You can make a fruit salad from it, eat it straight or add it to a smoothie.
Feeling sluggish and having a headache doesn’t have to just be a way of life. Start by adding a few of these items to your diet and see what a difference they can make.
Source: remedydaily.com