8 things around your home that you should be cleaning with a pressure washer

Pressure washers are very handy tools to have around your home. For most home projects, you don’t need an expensive, heavy duty pressure washer. A small unit will usually tackle all of your problems with ease. Gas powered pressure washers are convenient because you aren’t pulling around a cord, but electric ones can be more compact and cheaper.
It’s not just for cleaning your concrete driveway or brick facade, the pressurized water from your power washer can be used in many surprising ways around your home. Adjustable pressure settings allow you to perform both delicate and extreme cleaning processes without scrubbing or grabbing a ladder.
1. Knock it down (h/t Two Twenty One)
This is one of those “why didn’t I think of that” moments. A pressure washer is perfect for knocking down wasp nests, mud dauber tunnels, and spider webs from hard to reach areas. Unlike using a broom, the pressurized water removes every bit of attached material. However, you should always spray wasp nests with wasp spray prior to removal. Give it time to work, then knock it down.

2. Clean your patio without chemicals (h/t Thrift Diving)
The downsides to using commercial cleaners to clean your concrete patio, porch, or driveway are that they are expensive to purchase and can potentially damage your landscape plants. You don’t need anything but water to erase stains and dirt from your concrete. Simply use your pressure washer to deep clean these areas with the suggested pressure from the manufacturer. You will be amazed at the results!

3. Give wood a fresh look (h/t Angie’s List)
Outdoor wood weathers and collects grime over time. The beautiful look of your wood fencing and decking can fade overtime. An afternoon spent power washing can restore the beauty of your wood. Perfect for cleaning before an annual application of weather protectant or stain, the pressure washing process uses high pressure water to push out stains from the porous wood. You can use this process on any unpainted wood around your home’s exterior.

4. Get your grill ready for summer (h/t Pressure Washing with Brian)
You can spend hours scraping grease and black stuff from your grill orquickly wash it away in ten minutes. Simply take apart your grill for cleaning. Spray well with a degreaser and allow it to work for a few minutes. Then spray the grime away with your pressure washer. Start with a low setting and always wear eye protection to keep any chemicals away from your eyes.

5. Wash your car at home (h/t The Family Handyman)
No more waiting in line at the car wash on nice days with your own pressure washer. This quick and easy task can be accomplished at home. Simply rinse your car with fresh water on medium high pressure. Then add detergent or a commercial car wash product to the detergent tank on your pressure washer. Clean the car with the detergent using a low pressure setting. Then rinse well with fresh water. Avoid letting the soap dry to the surface of your vehicle. Early morning is the perfect time to wash your car as the detergent is less likely to begin drying as you work your way around.

6. Clean out the gutters with a bit of force (h/t Wash Wisely)
This handy attachment makes it easy to pressure wash the gutters as part of your spring and fall cleaning. You don’t even need a ladder. It works best for homes without overhanging trees and a large downpour of leaves. A low pressure setting allows you to simply rinse your gutter debris through the downspouts. After completing the gutters, give the side of the house a gentle rinse to remove any debris that splashed out.

7. Clean windows without wiping (h/t DIY Network)
A pressure washer turns this dreaded chore into a fast and fun task. Simply fill your cleaning detergent reservoir with the window cleaner of your choice. To protect plants below your windows, water them well before cleaning. This will dilute the chemicals that fall onto them and the soil. Wash your windows using the low pressure detergent setting, then rinse with clean water. Not only are your windows clean, but this gentle process can clean the surrounding trim and screens. This is perfect for cleaning those hard to reach second story windows!

8. Make outdoor furniture look new again (h/t Craftsman) 
Give your outdoor furniture a deep cleaning with your power washer. This method eliminates the need for chemical mildew removers for your fabrics and cushions. First, clean your frame. Then strap the cushions in place and wash from top down. This rinses the dirt out of the way. You can use this method on most metal, wood, and plastic furniture. Avoid pressure washing teak as it is a porous wood that can be easily damaged.