8 ways to organize your home office that are cheap and effective

Home offices require a lot of organization. Without some structure, they easily become a jumbled mess of papers and projects. Over time, piles keep growing until you are forced to spend a lot of time going through things to find that one missing item.
You can add a bit of organization to your home office without spending a lot of money. These home office organization solutions on a budget are simple, easy, and effective.
1. Craft drawer organizers from cardboard boxes (h/t Songbird Blog)
Drawer organizers transform junk drawers into an organized space. Create your own custom drawer organizers to fit your specific needs by using cardboard cereal, pasta, and snack boxes. Covering the boxes with fabric or scrapbook paper gives your drawer a finished look. No more digging for a pen with this creative idea!

2. Give an old file cabinet a makeover (h/t Pretty Providence)
Old metal file cabinets can be easily found at garage sales and thrift stores. They are perfect for holding files, books, and even office supplies. However, they have a very industrial feel. Upgrade your file cabinet with spray paint, painter’s tape and a colorful pattern.

3. Clip your cords to your desk (h/t Lifehacking) 
Charger cords can quickly become a tangled mess. They fall behind your desk and you have to go looking for them. Keep them neatly at hand with this simple office hack. Attach large binder clips to the edge of your desk. The open space will hold the cord. It will always be where you need it!

4. Organize your files with a dish drainer (h/t Scholastic) 
Keep your files on your desk without having to purchase an expensive file holder. Use a dollar store dish drainer to keep your files neatly organized on your desk. As a bonus, the silverware cup makes an excellent pencil holder.

5. Keep small items in a muffin tin (h/t Tattered Style)
The small cups on a vintage muffin tin are the perfect place to tuck your small office supplies, such as paper clips, erasers, and rubber bands. You can find old muffin tins at thrift shops and garage sales. New muffin tins are usually very cheap from discount stores. Leave it on a shelf for a whimsical touch or tuck it away in a drawer.

6. Place cords in a basket (h/t Clever Housewife) 
All the cords underneath your desk create a mess. Keep them neatly contained with a cheap wire basket and a few cup hooks. Install the cup hooks to the underside of your desk. Place your power strip with your neatly arranged cords in the basket and hang it from the hooks. You will be amazed at the difference this simple project makes!

7. Make magazine holders from plastic milk jugs (h/t Ideekiare)
Plastic milk jugs are trimmed to make a perfect storage solution for any bookshelf. They help magazines, floppy books, and papers stand tall on any shelf. Simply cut with a sharp pair of scissors. You can then screw them down to the shelf or attach them together for increased stability.

8. Bend a hanger to hold your folders (h/t DIY Home Sweet Home)
A simply wire hanger is all you need to hang a few file folders and papers within easy reach. A pair of small pliers can help you achieve neat bends. It only takes a few minutes to go from your closet to your office with this unique idea.

Source: remedydaily.com