Apple Brown Betty

So what is a brown betty exactly? Think of it like an apple crisp, but instead of flour and oat topping, bread crumbs are used! We’ve found that homemade bread crumbs are a MUST for this simple recipe—the varieties in shape and size give the dish a completely irresistible texture. 

Looking for a great use of fresh apples that’s not as complicated as apple pie? Let me introduce you to Apple Brown Betty.

An Apple Brown Betty is a baked dish made with apples topped with a crisp crumble. The combination of sugar, butter, cinnamon, and apples gives it the ultimate fall flavor.

Because there is no pie crust required, an Apple Brown Betty is one of the easiest apple desserts to make. It calls for the most basic pantry ingredients that you most probably already have on hand.

It’s made of sweet, tart, and juicy apples underneath a bed of buttery crumble. Apple Brown Betty is the perfect autumn comfort food. 

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