Apple Cinnamon Chimichangas

My younger one has been blessed with a strong ,deep rooted sweet tooth genetically passed on to her from the father. To satisfy her sweet cravings becomes a Herculean task for me ..breakfast, lunchbox, post lunch and dinner, the TV time snacking every single meal needs to have a sugary sweet element in it.bWhen the cravings had crossed limits and I could foresee future health problems I put my foot down and had stopped making anything sweet at home except some occasional knick knacks which I could successfully hide from her in the secret niches and corners only known to me. Never in my wildest dreams had I thought that I had to be creative regarding hiding places for the sugary sweet nothings.

After one whole week of deprivation finally two days back I gave in and made these Mexican, melt in the mouth sugar coated chimichangas as a sweet treat and reward for exceptionally matured behaviour which took me by surprise too. We can’t expect impeccable manners and excellent behaviour from a six year old but sometimes she does start pushing my buttons.

Before the conversation meanders to a different path I will log off here with the recipe of those Chimichangas. My little one still cannot pronounce it….after a day they became  “pichitankas “in her memory’s dictionary.

Chimichanga is a burrito filled with your choice of fillings, sweet or savoury, and deep fried to a golden perfection. I had a small box of frozen apple pie filling peeking from my freezer which I used as filling for the flour tortillas, folded them into burritos and shallow fried them. The final step was to dust them with powdered cinnamon sugar.