Baker With Down Syndrome Opens Her Own Bakery After Multiple Job Rejections

Collette Divitto is a resident of Boston, Massachusetts who found happiness in her parents’ kitchen. From the age of 15, Collette would spend hours baking and honing her skills. She quickly realized that baking was more than just a hobby. It was a passion at which she was rapidly excelling.

When somebody falls in love with a skill at which they are talented, it seems reasonable to assume that many job positions would be available. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case for Collette. Once she reached adulthood, she quickly realized that there weren’t many job offers coming her way.

Collette, who has Down syndrome, was turned away from every job for which she applied.


The 22-year-old was devastated by the rejections. After putting years of practice into her skill, she couldn’t find a professional opportunity. In an email that Collette sent to Upworthy, the baker described how she would take a batch of cookies to each job interview.

In the same email, Collette described how each employer would describe her as “really nice” despite their rejection of her application. She felt rejected and hurt.

Fortunately, Collette refused to quell her desire to become a baker. In an attempt to prove all of her deniers wrong, Collette went above-and-beyond to show that she has what it takes to become a great baker.

With the help of her sister and mom, Collette started her own bakery. Operating under the name “Collettey’s”, the baker started taking orders from local grocery stores. She has been thriving as a baker in an industry that had once turned her away from each available position.


The story of this fantastic baker eventually went viral after CBS News shared Collette’s story with the world. Collette is now running a successful bakery while also raising awareness for people with Down syndrome. Instead of allowing the rejections in the past to dampen her spirits, Collette has decided to change the world for the better.

On Collette’s official website, the baker has revealed her recent travels across the country to help raise awareness for employment statistics within the disabled community. A staggering 82% of disabled adults with the ability to work aren’t able to find steady jobs.

Collette is on a mission to change that.

Learn more about Collette in the video below:

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