Better Than Anything Toffee Recipe

The best Toffee recipe EVER! Sweet milk chocolate, crunchy pecans, and rich, buttery toffee – what’s not to love? This Better Than Anything Toffee is easy to make and makes the perfect treat OR gift year-round!

Toffee Recipe

The holiday season marks my favorite time of year. If you hadn’t guessed already, I’m a leeetle obsessed with food. Making good food for my friends and family is my happy place. One of my favorite things to do during the holiday season is make candy. I have a TON of candy recipes on my site. Some are super easy using only the microwave and a handful of ingredients like these M&Ms Marshmallow Dream Bars while others are more challenging but worth every second like these Buttermilk Pecan Pralines.

I have my personal favorites that never fail to make an appearance each holiday season and this Better Than Anything Toffee recipe is one of those.

Easy Toffee Candy

This recipe reminds me a lot of old school pound cake recipes in that the amounts are simple to remember. One cup of butter, one cup of sugar, one cup of pecans and one cup of milk chocolate chips. A pinch of salt and a little vanilla extract are optional but add a lot of flavor to this easy candy recipe.

So, why do I love toffee so much? Because EVERYONE else does! I have given a lot of food gifts over the years but trust me, I take note of which ones get the biggest reactions. This Better Than Anything Toffee is one such recipe.

Yes! I said easy! I know some of you guys are going to get a little freaked when you see that you need a candy thermometer for this recipe. Don’t.

It makes candy making fun and fool-proof! This entire recipe takes about 20 minutes from chopping the pecans to spreading the chocolate on top. Then you just have to let it chill for awhile while you enjoy a steaming mug of Slow Cooker Peppermint White Hot Chocolate.

I’m gonna put this picture right here just in case you have any doubts that this recipe is absolutely worth your time…