Brown Sugar Meatloaf


our family will love this exceptionally tender Brown Sugar Meatloaf. It is loaded with the rich flavors of Worcestershire and French onion and painted with a sweet brown sugar glaze. Taste why readers are calling this the best meatloaf recipe ever!

Is there any dinner entrée name that sounds more appealing than “Meatloaf”? Think about it… Loaf of meat. Mmm, tantalizing… I guess it is a perfectly descriptive name. Truth in advertising, if you will. However, growing up I never really had meatloaf. What I was served would be more aptly named “meatbrick“. It was a largely flavorless, overly dense, hunk of meat, that sent me running from the idea of meatloaf for years.

My wife, however, loves meatloaf and routinely asks me to make it. I developed this Brown Sugar Meatloaf for her, and guess what? I love it too! Who knew meatloaf could taste good! Well, I guess everyone but me knew that. So, I guess I may be the last one to the party, but at least I have a great meatloaf recipe to show for it!