Easy Cream Puff Cake

This homemade Cream Puff Cake is super EASY to make and tastes so good everyone will ask for this dessert recipe!

With a cream puff pastry like crust covered with a rich and creamy vanilla filling topped with whipped topping and drizzled with chocolate, this Cream Puff Cake is simply irresistible!

My family loves this cake so much we’ve made it twice in the past two weeks! While it’s a toss-up between our Best Chocolate Cake from a Box MixHeath Bar Cake and Glazed Rum Bundt Cake this one may be a new FAVORITE cake!

A unique homemade puff pastry crust is the base layer that my husband adores. Topped with a rich and creamy pudding and cream cheese layer that is my favorite, this dessert is only made better with a layer of whipped topping and drizzled with chocolate. The cream puff cream is so good I could eat that for dessert and be satisfied.

I’m the type of dessert fan that believes more chocolate is better, so I added even more chocolate syrup to my piece of puff cake and discovered that I like a hint of chocolate more than dousing the cream in chocolate. Shocking, I know!

Whether it’s the layers in our Cinnamon Cream Cheese BarsGooey Marshmallow Brownies or Candy Land Dessert I love when complementary flavors come together to make each bite magical. And that’s exactly what happens in the layered cream puff cake!