Find out: with these 5 tricks you can save money on your groceries

According to a supermarket manager, these are ways to save money

Groceries are expensive! Especially if you want to buy fresh produce, it can be challenging to stick to your budget. But apparently, there are some tricks that will help you save money while going grocery shopping. 

1. Plan ahead

The first step is to prepare your visit. If you walk into the store feeling hungry and without a plan, you might just grab whatever you feel like eating. And that will cost you! Kate Hensley Luna, store team leader of Whole Foods Market in Bozeman, told Well + Good: “Plan your shopping trip beforehand and try to build your meals around sales. You can view weekly deals and sales on our website or sign up for our weekly newsletter.” And the people inside of the store can help you out too. Luna explains: “Our fishmongers and butchers offer many helpful services on the house. Fishmongers can debone, devein, and filet; butchers will cut to order. I know customers who have them cut up chicken breasts into cubes to save them the prep and extra cost of buying pre-packaged chicken nuggets.” These employees also know exactly what items are on sale and what to make with them. So, plan your meals, make a shopping list and ask employees for help.

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