‘Game of Thrones’ fans have a big problem with Bran after the finale episode

People of Westeros, all hail… King Bran the Broken? We sure didn’t see that one coming!

After eight seasons of scheming, betrayal, dragons and magic, Brandon Stark became King of the Six Kingdoms and the Protector of the Realm in the final episode of Game of Thrones. So, did he deserve it? Should we all bend the knee? Social media says absolutely not!

After the finale aired, people online had some major problems with the Three-Eyed Raven ascending to the Iron Throne, number one being the fact that the scoundrel seemed to know what was coming all along! This, among other things, means that, instead of saving thousands of lives, he let Daenerys continue her spiral into madness and burn the whole of King’s Landing to ash – all for him to become the ruler. Does that sound very honorable to you? Check out the best answers to this question on Twitter.

Rewatch the moment Bran is named king:

While the ending of Game of Thrones may not have satisfied everyone, there was one moment between Jon Snow and Ghost that everyone was living for!

Source: istoryu.com

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