‘Game of Thrones’ fans spot mysterious face behind Sansa Stark in brand new teaser photos

A Game of Thrones teaser image that has got fans talking.

Credit: HBO

Now that the Battle for Winterfell is almost upon us, Game of Thrones fans are waiting with bated breath to discover who will and will not survive, with suspected casualties including the now Sir Brienne of Tarth.

Other theories about what may go down include the revival of Ned Stark from the crypt (which was suspiciously mentioned a few too many times in last week’s episode) and that Bran could become a white walker.

So, understandably, fans have been looking at the teaser images for the next episode with eagle eyes – and their searching has proved far from fruitless, as a mysterious face has been spotted behind Sansa in this teaser picture!

A Game of Thrones teaser image that has got fans talking.

Credit: HBO

“EW has new photos the next episode of GoT and WHO IS THIS BEHIND SANSA???” wrote author Alexandra Bracken on Twitter. “I’m not imagining that face am I??”

GoT fans are now speculating about who it could be, and the majority have come to the conclusion that it’s the late Petyr Baelish AKA Littlefinger, who finally met his just end at the hand of Arya in season seven.


“I’m convincing myself that person behind Sansa is little finger but it’s watching it be an extra or something…. [sic]” wrote Twitter user @lannisterj. “I’m clinging to this theory that he’s not dead so bad !!”

And because of the trouble with Littlefinger caused for the Starks, some people were very stressed out at the possibility that he could be making a comeback – albeit a creepy, ghostly one. View image on Twitter

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