Home Hacks You Might Wish You Knew About Earlier

Owning or renting a home may come with its own set of problems but it doesn’t always need to be so difficult. There are plenty of quick and easy fixes that offer a new approach to tidying up and maintaining your home. Did you know essential oils can give your bathroom 24-hour freshness? Or that a certain household tool is perfect for picking up pet hair? Read on for home hacks that will make your life so much easier!

Put Salt Down The Drain To Unclog The Sink Overnight

Salt can be used as an anti-clogging agent for your kitchen sink. In order to help it work its magic, mix 1/2 a cup of salt with a cup of baking soda. You’ll want to give it 4-6 hours to sit, so it’s easier if you pour the mixture down the sink before you go to bed.

Once it’s had time to sit in the sink for a few hours, or overnight, run hot water down the sink to flush it out. Repeat as needed.

Soon, you’ll find out why binder clips can come in handy in the freezer.

A Hiding Spot For Your Spare Key

Having a spare key always comes in handy when you accidentally lock yourself out of the house. Most people hide a key somewhere near their front door but you wouldn’t want to hide it anywhere obvious so that a burglar can find it!

Try putting the key into an empty pill bottle. Then glue a pine cone or other piece of foliage natural to your front lawn to the end of the bottle. This way, you can bury it by a bush or some rocks near your door!

Use Binder Clips In Your Freezer

People who make smoothies at home regularly know that it’s all too easy for your frozen fruits to take up space in the freezer. One way to not only keep them fresh, but also keep them out of the way is to use binder clips.

Simply clip the folded open end of your frozen fruits or veggies to the middle rack of your freezer. They will hang out of the way and open up more freezer space.

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Did You Know A Squeegee Could Do This?

One of the biggest drawbacks of having a cat or a dog is the amount of fur that can accumulate on your floors, especially if you have carpet throughout your home. Regular vacuuming usually does the trick but sometimes vacuums aren’t strong enough to pick up everything!

Next time, try using a squeegee to loosen all the hair off of the carpet. The hardest clumps will come out before you run over your carpet with the vacuum again.

Use Pool Noodles As Bumpers In Your Garage

Not all garages are created equally and some people unfortunately have to fit their cars into such narrow spaces. For those who have a small garage, try slicing a pool noodle in half and attaching the pieces to either side of the garage walls.

Next time you get out of your car, the doors will nudge softly against the noodles instead of hitting the wall. No more scuff marks on the wall and no more dings on your car door!

Shower Curtain Hooks Can Hang Clothes Too

We’ve all had those moments where we come home from the mall some new items to add to our wardrobe, only to realize we don’t have enough hangers! This can be annoying, especially since at that point you’d be too tired to go back out and buy some.

One easy fix for this would be to use shower curtain hooks! They take up less space and are especially ideal for hanging clothes with a loop, like jeans or jackets.

Hooks aren’t the only shower-related items that can amp up your storage space as you’ll see coming up…

Old Desk Organizers Can Serve Other Parts Of Your Home

Pantries are often the first spaces in our homes that start getting disorganized. Before you know it, you’ll have spices hidden between boxes and bags of food that’ll just overwhelm you.

If you have some extra desk organizers lying around your house, you can actually use those to organize the smaller items in your pantry. If you can, try pinning them onto the wall so that you have more shelf space for bulkier items!

Shoe Organizers Aren’t Limited To Footwear

We’ve all seen those shoe organizers that hang on the back of closet doors and have a pocket for every pair of flat shoes that you own. But did you ever think of storing anything else in these bad boys?

Shoe organizers can work well in your pantry to store smaller items and make them easier to see at once. They also work great for organizing all the stray cords and power outlets lying around your house!

Read on to learn why you should put a dishwasher tab in the shower.

Check To See If Your Ceiling Fan Has This

If you know anything about science, then you know that hot air rises because it is less dense than cool air. This isn’t exactly helpful during those chilly winter months, but there is likely a switch on your ceiling fan that will help that!

Most ceiling fans are equipped with a small switch that changes the direction of the fan blades. In the winter, use this switch to get the blades moving in a clockwise direction so that the warm air will be pushed from the ceiling to the floor.

Save water with this next trick.

Put This In Your Toilet To Conserve Water

Conserving water is one of the top concerns for eco-friendly households. In addition to taking shorter showers, you could also reduce the amount of water you flush every time you hit the toilet.

One way to do this (without having to not flush at all, which is gross) is to put a brick or a jar full of water in the back of your toilet. After a flush, less water will go back into the tank due to the volume the brick takes up.

Command Hooks Can Be Used To Hang A Wreath

If you’re reading this article, then you’re likely a home-hack enthusiast who is well aware of the wondrous capabilities of Command hooks. These little guys can hang up almost anything and come off of your wall without leaving a trace!

One innovative use for these hooks is to hang wreaths or other decorations on your front door. Just place the hook upside down on the inside of the door and using a string, your decor can hang on from the other side.

If you think your computer router is a huge eyesore, there’s a way to hide it. Read on to see how.

A Better Way To Utilize Ceiling Outlets

While it’s always nice to have more outlets around a room, the electric outlets located on the ceiling aren’t the easiest to access. You’ll often see a ceiling outlet in a garage or in a space that used to have a ceiling lamp or fan.

Even if you’re not installing a lamp or ceiling fan, you can use that plug with this wire basket hack! Install four small hooks to the ceiling, measured to the spacing of the wire basket. Plug in a power bar, set it in the basket, then use an extension cord from there.

Kills Pesky Weeds Naturally

Apple cider vinegar is often used in organic gardens as a natural weed killer. The acetic acid is strong enough to kill weeds on contact, making them wither up within a matter of days.

However, some horticulturists say that this isn’t as effective as pulling out the weeds by hand early on. They argue that while ACV kills weeds on contact, it doesn’t necessarily kill the roots.

Keep Your Door Knobs Paint-Free

When painting anything, one of the main goals is to not get paint on anything except for what you intend to finish. If you don’t want to go through the process of taking a doorknob off when painting a door, not getting paint on it can be tricky.

Yet, using aluminum foil, you can wrap the knob tightly, running a utility knife around the base of the knob so you can paint as close as possible. You can also do this to any knobs that you may end up touching with paint on your hands.

There’s another clever hack for your door just ahead!

Yet, using aluminum foil, you can wrap the knob tightly, running a utility knife around the base of the knob so you can paint as close as possible. You can also do this to any knobs that you may end up touching with paint on your hands.

There’s another clever hack for your door just ahead!

Store the router in a decorative box with a hole cut out for the cords. Or you can make a case of fake books to store it standing up!

Instead of buying new hangers, one item you might already have on hand will work just as well…

Use A Dishwasher Tablet To Clean The Shower

A cleaning hack initially recommended by an Australian mom went viral on Facebook after those who tried it couldn’t believe how well it works. Dishwasher tablets are abrasive and packed with cleaning power, making them a great tool to clean more than your dishes.

After putting gloves on, dip a dishwasher tablet in cold water, then scrub it on the shower door, or any soap or grime-stained area. Or if you want your shower sparkling clean, scrub it all! The tablet will begin to disintegrate (again, make sure you’re wearing gloves). Then, rinse the area clean and wipe it down.

Try This Space-Saving Hanger Hack

Another problem we often run into when it comes to getting new clothes is running out of space in the closet. When you don’t want to purge whatever clothes you don’t need anymore, you can try saving space by doubling up on hangers!

Take a tab from a soda can and place the neck of one hanger through one of the holes. Then, simply hang another hanger from the bottom hole and voila, two articles of clothing for the space of one!

A Rubber Band Will Keep Your Door From Latching

Bringing the groceries into the house is a pretty big chore, and it’s annoying having to try to open the door with your hands full. If leaving the door wide open is simply not an option where you live, you can try to make it easier by tying a rubber band around the doorknob like so.

This will prevent the door from latching so you can just push it open when you pass through. Just don’t forget to remove it when you’re done

There’s another smart use for rubber bands on the next page!

Use A Rubber Band For Stripped Screws

Hardware chores are a breeze until you come across that one stripped screw that makes it impossible to finish your task. Screwdrivers are barely helpful in these cases, yet some people still try to use them for a few minutes before finding another solution.

Next time you’re in this predicament, try placing a rubber band between the screw head and the screwdriver! The grip from the rubber should help the screw ease out. Then you can say you at least loosened it.

Turn Your Beverage Dispenser Into A Detergent Dispenser

Do you have a beverage dispenser in your home? If so, we’re willing to bet that it’s just adding to the clutter somewhere in your house. Unless you’re an avid party host, your beverage dispenser probably gets used once a year, if at all.

If this is the case, you can get your money’s worth out of it by re-purposing it into a laundry soap dispenser. Fill it up with liquid detergent and you can pour the perfect amount every time!

Keep Your Shower Floor, And Your Feet, Clean

Dish soap is meant for cleaning tough stains and food from your dishes, but it’s also great as an all-purpose cleaner for tiles. You definitely don’t do it as often as you should, but if you’re looking to clean your shower floor grab a bottle of dish soap.

Spray a layer of soap over the floor of your shower or your tub, leave it overnight, then scrub away all the grime that built up overnight. It will be satisfying when you see how much grime comes off.

Coming up: a clever hiding place for your spare key.

DIY A Non-Slip Hanger With Hot Glue

Maybe your closet issue lies not in the availability of space or hangers, but rather in the fact that all your nice blouses keep slipping off their hangers! Turns out there’s an easy fix for this that doesn’t require buying special hangers.

Instead, if you have a hot glue gun, try squeezing out a thin layer on the shoulders of the hanger. When it dries, it should prove the perfect grip for your cute tanks and silk blouses.

Use An Old Bottle As Decorative Storage

When it comes to jewelry, we don’t always have the best storage solutions on hand. When we don’t have the perfect place to store our bracelet collection, it ends up being a cluttered mess or worse, we even lose some of them.

You can avoid this by storing them on the neck of a bottle. Not only will you have a place for bracelets and scrunchies, but you will also have upcycled that cute wine, beer, or soda bottle you enjoyed so much.

Use A Magnet To Keep Your Hammer And Nails Together

Many of us don’t use a hammer and nails too often. You likely have both in your house, but when you finally need to use them, you can’t find one or the other. This is not only annoying but it is also dangerous to have unused nails lying around.

To avoid this mess and keep everything in one place, you can attach a small magnet to the bottom of your hammer. This will keep your nails attached to it when you need it most!

Use Tongs To Clean The Blinds

Your window shades and blinds can be some of the dustiest places in your home. Cleaning them can be tedious, but it doesn’t need to be. You can clean the dust off your blinds easily with some kitchen tongs.

Simply fasten some microfiber cloths of an old t-shirt to the ends of the tongs with rubber bands. That way, you’ll have an easy too that’ll catch dust off both sides of the blinds in no time!

A Tension Rod Can Add More To Your Storage Space

We often store our household cleaning supplies safely under the kitchen or bathroom sink. But all those bulky boxes and oddly-shaped spray bottles can cause us to run out of space and clutter up the cabinet.

In order to avoid this, try a tension rod! They’re inexpensive and can be found at any hardware store. This way, you can hang the spray bottles form the rod and open up more space underneath!

Coming up, see how shoe organizers can revolutionize the way you store items at home!

Save A Little After Your Next Paint Job

There’s no other feeling quite like stepping into a freshly painted room. Changing the wall color can transform a space entirely but it is never fun to see all that hard work go to waste when furniture nicks the wall.

To avoid this, save some of the paint you used in a baby food jar before you properly dispose of your extra paint. This way, you’ll have just enough paint on hand for touch-ups without having to store a big can of paint.

Clean Your Vents In The Dishwasher

You may think that you have a spotless home but one item that’s often forgotten are your air-conditioning vents. These little guys don’t always get the TLC treatment and end up collecting tons of dust that gets recirculated into your home.

For a quick, efficient clean-up, put your vents in the dishwasher and be sure to close the vents for a thorough clean. Blow dry the excess water off on the cool setting before reinstalling them.

Use A Wine Cork As A Chip Clip

Just when you need a clip to secure an open bag of chips or nuts, it seems there is never one to be found in any of your kitchen drawers. Instead of turning your house upside down looking for one, you can fashion a makeshift clip out of a wine cork.

Just slice the cork halfway up one end and slide the open slit over your folded bag of snacks.

Store Water Bottles In Magazine Holders

If you have an endless supply of water bottles in your home, you’re not alone. Somehow you’ve collected so many water bottles over the years, but even though you don’t use all of them, you’re not to keen on getting rid of them.

If they’re taking up too much space in your kitchen, try storing them on their sides using magazine holders. This will save space and keep everything organized.

Label Your Cords Before Plugging In

If you use a power strip or an extension cord for multiple items in your home, it can get a bit confusing as all those cords get tangled up together. When you need to unplug something, you’ll spend too much time making sure it goes to the device you’re trying to unplug.

One way to avoid this mess is to label the cords that are plugged in using bread bag tags or washi tape and notating which device it leads to.

Make A Plastic Bag Tissue Box

Most of us have a cabinet in our kitchen stuffed with old plastic bags we never seem to run out of. These make excellent waste bin liners, but look like a mess themselves when they’re not in use.

Up-cycle an empty tissue box by putting your plastic bags inside. Stuff the bags into the box with the loops sticking up. Fold the end of each new bag into the loops, so that every time you grab a bag, a new one will be ready for you!

Attach A Car Freshener To A Fan

One way to get your home smelling fresh when you’re pinched for time is to attach a car air freshener to a house fan. Find the kind that clip onto a vent and attach it to your fan, making sure that it won’t interfere with the blades.

Once you get that fan going, your home will be fresh in no time! You won’t even have to clean anything or risk spraying aerosols into the air.

Use Command Hooks To Keep Liners In Place

If you do reuse plastic bags as waste bin liners, you might be annoyed if every time you throw something away, the bag goes in with it. One way to keep the bag in place is to you Command hooks.

Stick the hooks on either side of the trash can and place the loops of the bag around them. This will keep your liner in place without you having to touch a bag full of trash.

Keep Boots Upright With Pool Noodles

Ladies can’t wait to use their tried and trusted boots during the fall and winter seasons. But when it’s a little warmer out, those boots are stored away and not always in the best conditions. Letting the tall part of your boots flop over can invite unwelcome creases into your footwear.

Keep your boots upright all year using pool noodles. Just cut the noodles to size and stuff them into your boots.

Use Old Tubes For Your Cables

If you have a drawer full of unused cables and cords that you don’t like to think about, there’s an easy way to clean up that tangled mess. The key is to store your cords so that they are organized and easily accessible, but how do you keep track of what the cords are used for?

Store Wrapping Paper In Garment Bags

When the holiday season comes and goes, you’re left with all those tubes of wrapping paper taking up space in your storage closet. Worse yet, they keep falling over and won’t all stay in the same spot.

Instead, try storing your unused wrapping paper in a garment bag. Not only is it long enough to hold those tubes, you can also hang it up to open more floor space for something else.

Use An Egg Carton To Store Near-Empty Condiments

Nothing is more annoying than trying to get those last few tablespoons of mustard or ketchup at the bottom of the bottle. You just know there’s a significant amount left and would hate to waste your money by tossing the bottle.

You could try storing your condiments lid-side down to get every last drop. Use an empty egg carton to hold the condiments in place without them falling over.

Use Pot Lid Racks In Your Closet

Kitchen storage solutions aren’t exclusive to the kitchen. You can find ways to use them in your closet as well! A pot lid rack will clean up the clutter in your closet in no time.

These racks are perfect for organizing small purses, wallets, and clutches that used to take up space in your closet. Now you have a way to store all of them so that you can see everything you have at the same time!

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