How to make low-carb sweet chili salmon

These sweet chili salmon are salted salmon fillets with sweet and delicious chili yeast. A quick and easy low-carb and keto dinner takes less than 15 minutes and requires only 4 ingredients. All 30 approved foods and 1 gram net carbs per serving.

When it comes to healthy and simple dinner recipes, I have a few favorites. These include sautéed salmon, broccoli beef, and this juicy chili salmon.

We try to eat fish several times a week. Not only is it a healthy source of protein and nutrients, but it’s also incredibly tasty and full. This Thai-style sweet chilli salmon is one of my favorites. These are simply shredded salmon fillets with lots of sweet chili sauce.

The beauty of it is that you can use ANY sweet chili sauce as you like! To keep it keto and low-carb I used the sugar-free one, but you can go whatever you like. Less than 20 minutes to do, perfect when dinner needs to be set on the table and time is of the essence!