Never Kill This Weed If You Spot It Growing In Your Yard! Here’s Why:

Before God created man and woman he created all the trees, the birds, and the creatures of the land and sea. He gave all these to humans that we may protect them and use them for our wellbeing. To the plants, God not only gave the ability to bear fruit to feed our hunger but also medicinal properties to heal our ailments. Our ancestors knew which plants could be used for different sicknesses and lived as one with nature. Somewhere along the line we drifted away from our natural heritage and forgot about our God-given gifts. It is the time we got reintroduced to nature and learn about the bountiful healing properties she has to offer.

Purslane has always been thought to be a garden weed in the United States but on closer inspection, it was found to be a treasure trove of nutrients. The succulent little plant with tiny yellow flowers boasts a number of nutrients including many vitamins and minerals as well as the much-coveted Omega 3 fatty acid.

High in beta-carotene, calcium and iron, the health benefits of this little plant are quite numerous. From preventing heart disease and strokes to reducing the risk of autism and ADHD in children, purslane is truly a wonder weed.

As if all its many nutrition benefits were not enough, as it turns out purslane has a pleasant lemony taste and adds a nice crunch to a salad. What at first glance seems to be a useless weed has turned out to be a nutrient-rich food that tastes good as well.

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