Operation Functional Closet Space

Step 4 desk buildUsing a piece a 1×18 glued pine I cut to size needed in my case this was 4ft. leaving enough to support the side. This was the secured with screws to the supports added in the previous step. The 2 smaller shelves were added for decoration purposes

Step 5 stainAfter adding some LED lights to make this space a little more bright and exciting I lightly ran a palm sander over everything as most of the wood was already smooth. Using a sponge brush I stained all wood using a min wax early American stain

Step 6 storage doorsIn the final step I assembled some custom cabinet doors Using some left over materials to hide the items placed on the shelves added above. followed by moving all gaming equipment and decor into the space.

Finishing touch Quick view of every boys dream gaming area equipped with game chair and color changing lights