Pistachio Pudding Dessert

Love pistachio flavored desserts and this one is a winner and a definite crowd pleaser! Better then cheesecake! This will disappear quickly, its delicious!

This is perfect for your next extra special dessert you want to make! Better then cheesecake, you will love how this turns out! I love making this when i need to take a dish somewhere because everyone loves it!

I always have people asking me for the recipe! You need to make it a little ahead of time as it does need time in the fridge but it’s definitely worth it! Crowd pleaser for sure!

Pistachio Dessert

Servings 8 servings
Cook Time 15 minutes


* 1 cup flour
* 1/2 cup nuts crushed
* 1 tablespoon sugar
* 1 stick butter
* 3 cups milk
* 1 cup powdered sugar
* 2 9oz cartons Cool Whip
* 2 packages pistachio instant pudding
* 1 8oz package cream cheese


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
2. For crust, mix flour, nuts, sugar and butter with a pastry blender or fork.
3. Spread mixture in 9 x 13 pan.
4. Bake 15 – 20 or until light golden brown at 350 degrees.
5. After removing from oven, cool in refrigerator.
1. Next, cream powdered sugar, cream cheese and 1 container of cool whip.
2. Spread mixture on cool crust.
3. Prepare pudding mixes, using only 3 cups milk.
4. Pour over top of cream cheese mixture.
5. Top with remaining cool whip.
6. Chill several hours or overnight.