Removing Tough and Odd Stains

Make a paste of baking soda and 3% Hydrogen Peroxide (the kind you can find at the store). Place that over the stain and let sit for 10 or more minutes. Scrub and wash off.

Remove food stains, pot marks, and more by sprinkling baking soda into the sink and scrubbing it. Rinse when you’re done.

Make a paste of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide and baking soda. Place on the dish, and scrub. Wash when you’re done.

Fill cups, coffee pots, etc with water and add 1 Alka Seltzer tablet per 1 cup of water. Let soak 10 minutes or more, scrub, and wash out.

Fill coffee pot with water, add 1 tablet Alka Setlzer per 1 cup of water and let sit for 10 minutes or more. Scrub and wash out.

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