Samoa Brownies!

Samoa Brownies. Rich, chocolatey, and topped with a sweet coconut topping, these brownies are simply amazing. They taste just like the Samoa Cookie you love! This easy brownie recipe takes less than an hour to make and is super easy to throw together. Perfect for sharing!

What’s your favorite Girl Scout cookie? The extra thin and minty Thin Mint? Maybe the nutty Tag-a-Long? For me, it’s the Samoa! It reminds me of German chocolate cake, with its sweet coconut and chocolatey goodness!

Brownies are also one of my favorite desserts, so I took my recipe for The BEST Brownies and spruced them up with a samoa topping. These Samoa Brownies are rich, chocolatey with a sweet coconut topping which gets drizzled in melted chocolate.

These Girl Scout Samoa Brownies come out soft and chewy on the outside and firm around the edges. Just how I like my brownies. The best way to serve these Samoa Brownies is straight from the oven (let them cool a little!) with a dollop of vanilla ice cream!