Skinny Pizza Meatloaf

Pizza meatloaf  is everything you love about pizza but formed into a low-carb lean turkey meatloaf recipe!

Yes I know it’s still summer but the other day it was on the colder side in Buffalo, NY (shocker) and I was in the mood for some comfort food. Not to mention we’re only a few weeks away from back to school so I thought this would be a great time to start sharing some tasty make-ahead recipes to have ready for the busy fall season.

It’s no secret that I love turkey meatloaf recipes – my blog is filled with them. My favorites are cheeseburger meatloaf, Italian meatloaf, and zucchini feta meatloaf. Yum!

Turkey meatloaf is somewhat of a perfect recipe, in my opinion. First, it’s a natural low carb option, can include all kinds of mix-ins, and can be made ahead of time. Not to mention, easy to prepare – it’s hard to screw up a turkey meatloaf.

Like most of the turkey meatloaf recipes this new pizza meatloaf recipe came to me on a day I was craving pizza. I’m trying to stick to a lower carb diet so a traditional pizza wasn’t an option. Just writing that makes me want to cry, but I feel so much better when I keep my diet to fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins. I’m not saying pizza’s out of my life forever but I need to have other options. Enter pizza meatloaf.

To keep this pizza meatloaf on the low-fat side I used ground turkey along with turkey pepperoni. Of course, you can use regular pepperoni but it will add a lot more fat and calories to this recipe. Turkey pepperoni tastes great and works well in this pizza meatloaf recipe.

Let’s get to the recipe.