Taco Braid

Mexican food (or any variation thereof) is my absolute favorite kind of cuisine. Jared and the boys would be willing to have tacos several nights a week, so that works out in my favor. ???? It gives me a chance to get creative with things like this Easy Taco Braid.

Last week I wanted to make these Taco Empanadas for dinner just to change things up. However, I couldn’t find the empanada discs that the recipe called for, so I grabbed a can of crescent roll dough and thought I would try making little empanada pockets out of those.

Once I rolled out the dough, I changed my mind and decided to make a braid instead. It was quick and easy and the boys gobbled it up!

The idea behind a braid is simple. Just roll out the dough (you can use crescent roll dough, pizza dough, or even frozen bread dough) and then add whatever fillings you choose. In this case, I used one pound of seasoned ground beef and a tasty pile of shredded Mexican cheese blend.

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