However, we often find its buildup unpleasant, and we clean it up. Oppositely, ear infections are a very painful experience.

Still, before you take some medications in order to soothe the unbearable pain, try to treat it on a natural way. In this article will show you an effective natural way to treat earache and to remove ear wax.

Ear infections very often area result of:

  • Exposure to moisture for a long time
  • Higher humidity
  • Higher temperatures outside

So, people who live in humid and hot places, swimmers, and people who often have water in the ears while taking a bat hora shower, are more susceptible to ear infections, since moist environments are the breeding grounds of bacteria and fungi.

Try to keep the water out of your ears as much as you can. Avoid tilting the head during showers in order to prevent the water to get into your ears, and have earplugs during snorkeling, scuba diving, or swimming.

If, however, the water comes into your ear, use a towel to dry it, or tilt the head to help it drain out and afterwards use a cotton swab to wipe the remains.

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