20 Healthy Foods That Will Help You Fight Depression

Unfortunately, a lot of people suffer from depression or have perhaps gone through it at some point in their lives so it helps to know that it wasn’t just you if you’re one of them. According to an American survey, one out of every six Americans take some kind of psychiatric medication for example an anti-depressant  to help with issues of depression. However, taking anti-depressants is not the only option you have when it comes to fighting cases of depression. According to studies, people, especially young adults are able to experience an incredible increase in their level of motivation and also their well-being just by increasing the amount of both fruits and vegetables  they take everyday. It has been found that there are certain foods that contain nutrients which when eaten will boost your overall mood.

Everyone likes the idea of improving their mood and overall body health and well-being and achieving that could just take a number of weeks. Here are 20 foods rich in nutrients that when taken will decrease depression and the best part is that they can easily be found in grocery shops or the nearby supermarket.

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